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I already have a water softener. Why should I switch to the Alkaline H2o Pro?

USA Water Quality, will buy back your water softener and provide you with a no salt, no potassium, no maintenance whole home system that will provide you with freshness, purity, Quality you can count on. Better for your home, better for your health.

How often do I need to service the water purification unit?

Prudent shopping looks long term at the cost of your investment. Choosing to purchase a whole house water purification unit is a solid decision, but you need to know what you are getting into financially and regarding time commitment. Maintenance Free Required Systems The Alkaline H2o Pro whole house water purification system is the top of the line …

Is bottled water the best alternative to my tap water?

Bottled water usually tastes good, but it can be expensive and a hassle to purchase and store. It is less expensive to use a Whole home water Filtration system, such as USA Water Qualities Alkaline H2o pro unit. Whole house water filtration systems are convenient and provide you with high- quality water in your own home when you want it, at prices per …